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Congratulations to Andrew and Lindsay – PADI Scuba divers

This week we had the joy of meeting Andrew and Lindsay who turned up at our shop on Friday and announced that they wanted to learn how to dive and had two days to spare, so I told them about the PADI scuba diver option.  I usually tell a little story about how they got on, but Lindsay’s words are so much better.  Here they are, with instructor Phil and DM Andre, receiving their cert cards.



Lindsay’s own words:

After years of talking about getting Scuba Diver Certified my boyfriend and I wound up in Arraia Divers front office. One of the owners, Alex, greeted us, walked us through the process, and managed to fit us into their busy schedule in order to get us certified within the following couple of days.

Day one of training we showed up where Phil, another owner, and Dre, a dive master, had all our gear ready to go! We spent an hour getting dressed and learning how to set up our gear. I was bubbling with excitement, that was until it came time to actually breathe underwater. We walked into a 6ft deep pool and I began to seriously panic. Not only was the water a bit chilly but my mind couldn’t process that it was okay to be able to breathe through an apparatus under water.

Thankfully, Phil and Dre knew exactly what to say and do in order to keep me calm and to also let me know it’s completely fine and normal to have a few freak outs.

After a full day of classes, exercises (some that took a little longer than others due to my minor panicking), hot tea and cookies thanks to Alex, day one was finally over.

I went home that night a little nervous I might not like scuba diving as much as I thought.

Day two of training meant we were finally getting into the ocean and dropping down to a minimum of 30ft. I walked into the dive shop shaking a bit from being so nervous. We went over the plan for the day, got dressed and in our gear, and Phil looked at me with a giant smile on his face and told me I was going to be 100% fine.

My boyfriend, Dre, Phil, and I took a few breaths, held up the “okay” sign and went under. My mind was blown. Everything was so beautiful! I just kept thinking to myself if I can make it through the drills without any problems I will be in heaven!

The drills were going smoothly until we got to the one where you have to fill up your mask with water and clear it while at the bottom of the ocean. Phil knew this was my least favorite drill so before we started he, in under water language, told me it was going to be okay. I filled my mask up to what I thought was completely full, breathed extremely fast and heavily, cleared the mask and looked at him with wide eyes telling him I did it and survived. He looked at me and shook his head. Apparently I had only filled it up a quarter of the way. You could imagine my disappointment and stress level at this point. I proceeded to try again. Taking periodic breaks while filling the mask to squeeze his arms and catch my breath. I cleared the mask again and looked at him with wide eyes ready to be done. He shook his head again and told me I had only filled the mask up half way. I was going to have to do this again. I crossed my arms and shook my head telling him, the instructor, he was wrong and I wasn’t doing it again. I think he laughed at me but it’s still hard to tell. This man was not going to give up and just pass me! For the third time, I began to fill my mask. Every few drops of water I would pause to dig my nails through my gloves and through the arms of Phil’s wetsuit while trying to remember to take big breaths in and let big breaths out. He was supposed to tap my shoulder this time when my mask was completely full. I didn’t feel any shoulder taps. Finally, I felt his hands on my mask as water poured in. He tapped my shoulder, I cleared my mask, I looked at him with wide eyes and he gave me the high five signaling I had finally done it!!!

I cannot thank this group for helping me overcome a few fears and introducing me to a whole new world! Their patience and kindness throughout this entire process was impeccable. I’m glad we waited a few years to stumble across the right place to do this.

“When you find the love for scuba the world becomes a much bigger place.”


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