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Diving With Arraia Divers

We offer two dive trips daily and can arrange night dives at request.  Due to the versatile underwater environment around Terceira, the island offers a wide range of dive sites from shore and this represents the majority of our dive sites. We also do boat dives to many different dive sites around the island.  Boat dives require a minimum of 4 experienced divers and need to be booked at least one day in advance.  The Azorean waters are filled with life, ranging in size from small to large.  From nudibranches, shrimps, morays and all of your colorful reef fish to eagle rays and stingrays that can grow to 2+ meters in wingspan.  The underwater topography as well as the beautiful rock formations are a favorite and divers often enjoy around 25 meters visibility.  Water temperatures range from 16 °C in the wintertime to 24°C during the summer months.  We should emphasise that we cannot promise to visit any particular dive site as access is weather dependent.

Take a look at our Price list 2017, where you can find the best option for you! Below you will also find descriptions of our most common dive sites.

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