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Farewell to Jeremy Horst, our resident photographer

Jeremy leaves this week after almost a year diving with us.  He dived almost every weekend and provided many great photos which we have shared on our website. In addition, Jeremy has been working towards his PADI Master Scuba Diver

The Rays were playing at Cinco Ribeiras

We took a couple of the guys from the base, Jeremy; our resident photographer and Matt, new to diving with us. As we descended we were greeted by a huge school of fish and were treated to the best visibility

Pictures from recent dives

Now that things have quietened down a little, we have been taking our cameras out with us again.  Here are some of our favourite shots .  

An early morning staff exploration dive – and a huge stingray

Phil and Alex went off exploring  on the left hand side of Arraia Reef to take a look at some of the unusual rock formations and were happy to see a huge stingray swimming from the reef!    

Arcadas do Judeu: collaborative dive with Deep Blue diving center

After the clean up dive in the Marina, Deep Blue invited us to join them for a dive to Arcadas do Judeu. Jeremy and Geoff also came along and we had a lovely dive through the arches. Many thanks to

Sub-aquatic Clean up of Angra Marina

Arraia Divers were invited by the Port Authorities to take part in a sub-aquatic clean up of Angra Marina. We were joined by Nuno of Deep Blue diving center. We spent 101 minutes in teams under the water picking things

Lidador Wreck – Night Dive

Earlier this month, Arraia Divers recently held their first night dive after the summer holidays on the Lidador wreck in Angra Bay. Our resident photographer Jeremy was joined by a couple of fellow countrymen, Moses & Brannon. They were led

End of the summer season, but the divers still come

As we pass the 15 September (officially the end of the summer season here), there has been no pause in the divers arriving to dive with us.  The courses have continued with Nelson and Antonio recently completing their open water

Congratulations to Carolina on getting her PADI open water

Carolina took some time out of an extended visit to her family to learn how to scuba dive with us. She initially joined in with an intensive course with Serafin from Switzerland, but then decided to take things more steadily

New Open Water Divers

Congratulations to Florian Targa and Verdiana Gallo for completing their PADI Open Water course with us this week. They managed to complete the course in 4 days and completed their final dive with MSDT Alexandra Adams. They are now enjoying

dive trip photos