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Congratulations -Garrett – New PADI Open water diver

Remember our 6 guys from the airbase who were doing their open water at the start of the month? Well, Garrett got called into work on the 3rd day of the course and couldn’t complete with the others. On Sunday

Women divers at Arraia Divers

Recently we have had a good number of women divers at Arraia Divers. Last week Alex and Catalina took guests from Germany (Anna and Lisa) and Tehri from Finland to explore the Lidador. For Lisa this was her second open

Busy Weekend at Arraia Divers; courses, fun diving and servicing!

After doing a search and recovery AOW dive with Jose and Kevin, Phil had to be rescued by our latest rescue divers Krisz and Sarah! Don’t worry, he made a full recovery! Meanwhile Carlos took fun divers Tamara, Tom and

Emergency First Response at Arraia Divers

After getting dived in for a day, then sheltering from Sunday’s storm, Krisz joined our latest emergency first response (EFR) course along with Gabriel and Sarah. Doing first aid on each other is a great way to make new friends.

Krisz takes his camera for a reef tour

Our record-breaking diver, Krisz, from last year is back. Visiting friends on Terceira, he is also diving with us, going wherever we go every day. On Saturday our latest storm was just getting started. Undeterred Kris jumped in with Alex

Advanced Open Water at Cinco Ribeiras

On Sunday we took a trip to one of our favorite sites, Cinco Ribeiras. Phil took two student divers, Kevin and Jose for their PADI Advanced Open Water deep dive. Alex dived with Sarah and Andrew and went exploring. Here

Coastal Clean -up of Silveira bay

Following an invitation from Azores Entre Mares, Arraia Divers organised a coastal clean-up of our local dive site at Silveira. We formed dive teams of experienced (pro divers) and less experienced divers Having geared up with mesh-bags at the ready

Kevin and Gabriel – PADI open water divers

Well done to Kevin Le and Gabriel Costa on completing their PADI open water course with us yesterday, 28 May. Thanks to Andrew Crafts for his DMing on the day.

We welcome diving couple Andrew and Sarah Crafts

We welcome diving couple Andrew and Sarah Crafts to an extended stay with us at Arraia Divers.  Andrew is stationed at the USAF base here on Terceira and Sarah has joined him for the summer.  Andrew is already a PADI

The Coral Gardens with Octopus Diving center

On Sunday 26 May, Arraia Divers joined with our friends at Octopus for a great dive through the Coral Gardens near Praia. As you can see the coral was open and quite lovely. This is definitely a dive worth doing

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