A busy July at Arraia Divers

Hello Everyone,

As we come to the end of a very busy July we thought it would be nice to do a round up of what happened this month.

Diver_entry_SilveriraAfter a short discussion with City hall we obtained our usual permission to dive at the swimming areas and even got our own designated diver exit and entrance at Silveira, Cinco Ribeiras and at the Lidador site.

We also went for am image change with some new T-shirts, modeled here by our DMs Andre, Geo and DM trainee, Carlos (in the centre).Tshirts_Dre_Carlos_Geo

We had a lot of Portuguese guests (16) this month as the schools broke up here.  We already did a post about the Magalhaes family who made up most of the 16 and came to discover or rediscover scuba.  

We also had, in this one month, double the number of British divers that we had in the whole of 2017. I guess word must have got around!  The influx started with the Biswas brothers who got their scuba diver certifications. Next Jennifer Choyce, a DM came to do 6 dives with us. Although Originally from Hungary, Krisz now lives in the UK, so we are claiming him as British, especially as he did am amazing 19 dives! On our busiest day so far this year, the Davies family of 4 joined other divers on Arraia reef meaning we went out in 3 groups. On the 23, the Powell family of 3 joined us at the Lidador. Josh and Jennifer joined us for a dive while on their honeymoon. John Biggins popped in for a quick refresher and a dive on Arraia reef.

We completed quite a few courses this month, 23 Discover scuba, 2 scuba divers, 2 open water courses, 1 advanced, 2 deep specifications.  

Here are some of our discover scubas (not aDSD_pool_Tim_Yasminlready mentioned in previous posts – Gian and Simona as well as Tim and Yasmin.



However, the biggest numbers have been for fun dives with 130 dives this month.  Obviously Krisz completed a lot of those dives, but we also had Werner and Inje from Germany, Abel from Spain, Swankie from Holland, Matt from the USA as well as Guilluame  on 6+ dive packages.  

 With thanks to Guilluame, here is a link to some of his  photos  Guilluame Terceira July 2018

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