Carlos Pinto completes his PADI divemaster course!

The latest installment in Carlos Pinto’s journey to PADI Divemaster. 

Tshirts_Dre_Carlos_GeoYou may remember that Carlos turned up at our dive center in February announcing that he wanted to become a divemaster?   Well, this week he completed the final elements of his divemaster course, scoring a magnificent 97 in his skills circuit – a new record for us.  Carlos spent most of the past 2 weeks working at our dive center while on holiday from his regular job.  He became actively involved in the day to day running of our center and often beat Phil and I into work.

OWC_Maaike_Jhomas_Phil_CarlosCarlos worked on courses with us, led dives, filled cylinders, washed kit – well everything really. We worked through his remaining course elements together (mapping dives, reactivate workshop, exam and the skills circuit).  Phil and I  are happy to report that yesterday morning his divemaster application went off to PADI.



Losing no time, Carlos started straight away on his discover scuba leader internship with a mixed nationality 3 person DSD today.


It is a shame for us that he has a regular job during the week. Carlos has been a godsend to us the last two weeks as we came through the end of August and Geo left for Barcelona.

To celebrate (?) he went for a dive at the Lidador with no wetsuit today ;-).  No, he was just in a hurry and left it behind at the dive center…not even his 100th dive!

Please join us in congratulating Carlos on achieving his ambition.  Watch out for the next post when he receives the official card from PADI.

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